Gay Street

Gay St, Bath, Refurbishment



Office Refurbishment Project


27 Gay Street, Bath

Acquired 1993

Size: 2968 sq ft (276 m2)


  • Achieve BREEAM status
  • Grade I Listed Building
  • World Heritage City
  • Doctors Surgery for 100 years
  • 5 floors
  • Need to retain and enhance period features
  • Fixed refurbishment budget to achieve market value rent


  • High frequency fluorescent lighting installed
  • Advanced heating controls
  • Roof insulation increased including advanced thin film insulation across dormers
  • Sash windows draught proofed
  • Georgian garden created
  • Window shutters overhauled (to ensure energy saved overnight)
  • Shower-room installed
  • Recycling storage area created
  • Submeters for each floor

Achieved BREEAM Excellent


Phase two - 2012

After 17 years of occupation the property became vacant. In addition to installing fully concealed data cabling, replacing flooring and redecorating, the performance of the building was improved further by

  • High frequency fluorescent lighting replaced with LED lighting
  • Improved heating controls providing compensation and optimisation
  • Sound and thermal insulation laid between floors
  • Advanced window film applied to reduce solar gain and improve u-value of sash windows
  • Hydropath Water conditioner installed to improve service life of water appliances
  • SureStop easy water shut off valve installed
  • Motion detection light switching in stair and ancillary areas
  • Calculated reduction in electrical consumption of lighting installation - 60% reduction