Carbon Management

Since 2008 we have been a carbon neutral company. In recent years, our carbon offset has contributed to the Cakit Run-of-river hydro project in Turkey, The Uganda Cookstoves project, and in 2016/17, the Kumkoy Social Hydro project in Turkey and the Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves.

In 2006 we started to measure our carbon footprint, working with our partners EcoAct

With over 10 years' data available we have been able to monitor our reductions and evaluate the impact of our strategies.

In the UK, we worked with Riverpower to develop a small hydropower project on the De Lank river in Cornwall. This installation is generating around 400 MWh of sustainable energy each year. 

Environment, De Lank River - Riverpower, sustainabilityDe Lank River, Cornwall (insert - turbine house)

Carbon Management - Properties 

We have an established culture of improving energy efficiency and sustainability. In 1995 we started to use the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) for individual projects to benchmark their performance.

Further details for individual projects and case studies are available at energy efficiencyelectricity and water.

Our approach is to analyse the performance of each building and seek to exploit its natural attributes to maximise efficiency and occupier comfort. We also look to exploit opportunities for renewable power wherever they arise be it photo-voltaic, small hydro or wind.

Carbon Management - Organisation

This year we have adopted a policy of acquiring company cars with emissions lower than 100g CO2/Km (previously 140g CO2/Km), including a fully electric Renault Zoe in September 2017.

We aim to be efficient in the use resources and recycle materials wherever possible. 

Lloyds Bank Green Fund

In 2016 HPH Ltd were the first mixed portfolio company to qualify for funding from the Lloyds Bank Green Funding Scheme. This recognised the environmental management, assessment and investment systems we have in place, together with our continued commitment to seek energy efficiency gains where possible.

Insurance Programme

We have opted to be included in our insurers, QBE, Premiums4Good Risk Management Scheme. The Scheme is aligned with our aims, culture and values.