Hands-on approach to Property Management

We know our buildings better than anyone else and we are commited to delivering the best services, working closely with you and your business.

We manage all our properties so that you get the response and attention to detail you need to run your business.

Tenant Benefit:

From short term investments we deliver you long term savings

As your business changes and evolves we work with you to achieve the maximum benefits and right results for you, be that expansion, change or reduction.

In all that we do, we aim to deliver value throughout the tenancy and the life of a building.

Examples of our initiatives:

Remote Management Systems

Many of our building systems are now managed online from our offices in Bath. We are able to monitor heating plant performance, utility consumption (including fuel, water and electricity) and access control systems for your premises in real time. The result is faster, more responsive management with real value added.

WASTE Management Systems

Working with waste disposal partners we aim to recycle as much of the waste from our buildings as possible. We continually look for opportunities to improve the scope beyond the obvious of paper, cardboard, electrical equipment and consumables. The result is better value for our occupiers and a lower environmental impact.

 To find out more about our Direct Management initiatives including: energy efficiency; product briefing; business rates; electricity and water; RICS codes of practice and EU lighting directive, contact us.