Business Park Development


Land at Hawkeridge, Westbury.

Status: Current development.

Size: 35 acres.


  • Site acquired with agricultural use
  • Location identified by Wiltshire Council as strategic employment site.
  • Potential employment role for Trowbridge and Westbury travel to work area.


  • Appointment of full consultant team including planning advisers. 
  • Land promoted through Core Strategy process.
  • Baseline Environmental Assessment.
  • Ecology and nature conservation review.
  • Highways and transportation analysis.
  • Archaeological surveys.
  • Hydrology and floodplain analysis.


  • Outline planning consent granted July 2014.
  • Roundabout and foul pumping station infrastructure work completed October 2016.
  • "Build to suit" and serviced plots now available.
  • Detailed consent for units of 8,10,16 & 36,000 sq ft (Merlin).
  • Detailed consent for drive-thru - A3/A5 use (Roadside).
  • Detailed consent for 50,000 sq ft in small units of 1-5,000 sq ft (Kestrel Court).