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Eco-Friendly Offices and Technology


For Bath-based HPH Commercial Property, reducing property overheads and improving environmental performance has always been central to their philosophy and improving energy efficiency within their portfolio of buildings across the South West is a vital component of their strategy.

The company, which owns several listed buildings within the world heritage city of Bath including the impressive Georgian buildings on Kingsmead Square, prides itself in maintaining a sustainable approach to commercial property.

In the past it may have been easy for some businesses to shy away from implementing sustainability measures, hiding behind bureaucracy and prohibitive costs to undertake works.  For HPH though it has always been an issue high up on the agenda, with the company realising early on that improvements to a buildings energy efficiency will have long term gains. Similarly it was also evident to managing director Lindsay Holdoway that ignoring energy efficiency would prove costly in the long term.

Over the last 5 years, HPH has reduced emissions linked to the common areas of its Kingsmead Square headquarters by 50%. This was achieved despite the challenges presented by the Grade II listed building. “Better heating control, LED lighting and motion detection switching enabled us to achieve these savings at Kingsmead Square”, explained Mr Holdoway, “and the annual power saving made here is equivalent to boiling a kettle 10,000 times”.

The company has achieved similarly impressive efficiency savings across its portfolio of commercial properties in the region, which has translated into significant financial savings for their tenants.

With a determination to reduce the carbon footprint of its property portfolio, in 2012 HPH engaged Elcomponent to provide utilities monitoring to measure consumption and identify where savings could be made, with the ultimate aim of reducing utility bills and passing savings on to the businesses occupying HPH’s properties.

Elcomponent provided remote utility monitoring equipment for two of HPH’s Wiltshire office properties, Churchward House in Swindon (water, gas, electricity) and Bewley House in Chippenham (water, oil, electricity).

As a result of the measures implemented, Bewley House has seen a sustained reduction in emissions, which are now 50% what they were 5 years ago. This has translated into annual savings of £25,000 in the building’s utility bills.

The building was also part of HPH’s water saving initiative in 2011, achieving an incredible 54% reduction in water use, a saving of £1,764 in the annual water bill, the equivalent to 70,000 less WC flushes.

This was achieved through the replacement of old toilet syphons, monitoring of usage to identify any faults (i.e. dripping taps etc), and the replacement of two old hot water heaters with six localised water boilers.


Another HPH property on Gay Street in Bath is a Grade I listed building and was the first ever to achieve an excellent rating from BREEAM for a refurbishment - the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. Following a further refurbishment recently at the hands of HPH, the building now conforms to the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency possible for a Grade I listed building

Lindsay Holdoway added, “In terms of HPH as a company, we have taken organisational measures to improve our sustainability credentials. We have introduced an Environemental Management System working with our carbon consultant which lies at the heart of our management culture.  We have reduced stationery, postage and waste by over 20% and our electricity consumption by 4%. In addition, we offset all carbon emissions across our organisation and property portfolio, and this year the cost helped fund a hydro-electric installation on the Cakit River in Turkey”.
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