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Vestry Online Expands with Help from HPH

A thriving Westbury-based e-tailer is expanding its business as online sales continue to boom.

Vestry Online moved to the Woodland Business Estate in 2010 employing just one full-time member of staff selling via their website

Three years later and the women’s fashion and accessories retailer employs six people and is currently recruiting for an additional staff member. The company sends out thousands of orders across the world every month and has an avid fan base with  over 15,000 Twitter followers and 323,000 Facebook likes.

Vestry Online has also had celebrity endorsements from the likes of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea.

Owned by Westbury businessman Daniel Vazanias with his partner Christine Pegrum, Vestry Online has more than doubled the size of its unit, with help from landlord HPH Commercial Property, to allow more space to accommodate staff, new lines and to  handle the large growth as they dispatch thousands of items available on their website.

Daniel Vazanias said, “The team at HPH have been really supportive and have helped us to expand our business to cope with the demand for our products. Since we moved to the Woodland Estate our business has grown by over 50% and HPH has been a key factor in our success.

“I regularly meet with the Managing Director of our landlord HPH, and earlier this year we agreed we were simply getting too big for our existing unit. Not only has HPH offered advice  they also found us a unit double the size to move into and ensured it was tailored to our exact needs. They have created bespoke new office space for us and installed energy efficiency measures like smart lighting to help keep our company green and overheads as low as possible.”

“Staff retention is really important to us, and moving into a unit that has been completely refurbished and modernised is a real bonus to provide a pleasant and exciting working environment for the team.”

Vestry Online has signed a 10 year deal for the new unit confirming their commitment to staying in Westbury for the long term.

He added, “HPH has really helped us every step of the way, giving us the support and advice we needed to keep growing so we were keen to re-sign to secure our long term future here in Westbury.”

Lindsay Holdoway said, “As a landlord we do everything we can to assist our tenants and keep in touch with the changing needs of their business. In this instance we assisted Vestry Online by investing in their new unit to ensure it would meet their needs for the coming years as the business continues to grow.”

“Daniel and Christine have made a huge success of the business which is now an internationally recognised brand. Their success is testament to the hard work they have put in. We at HPH are very proud to have been able to play a part in helping them to achieve that success.”

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