Our remote monitoring systems deliver real time consumption information to our office in Bath. We analyse consumption patterns and receive alerts if preset levels are exceeded.

Tenant Benefit

Water saving initiatives include:

Case Study - Bewley House, Chippenham


2011/12 Result 

53% reduction amounting to 422,000 litres


Remote monitoring enables a quick response to any below ground leaks or faulty appliances. Unusually high demand triggers an email or SMS alarm to our property management team. 
Base load (out of hours) use was analysed and investigations carried out to reduce it to the lowest possible level. This exercise identified faulty appliances and those requiring maintenance. A further assessment of appliances analysed their consumption and the scope for reductions in use, including cistern capacity, urinal flush frequencies and water heater capacities.

Key Equipment

- Remote monitoring for identification and analysis of consumption patterns - Elcomponent 
- Easy shut off stop valves enable quick response and maintenance - Surestop
- Water conditioning to reduce lime scale build up and reduce mainenance and failure levels - Hydropath Technology