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HPH Commercial Property Chooses CNI UK Ltd To Maintain Carbon Neutral Business

HPH Commercial Property has chosen CNI UK Limited to offset their carbon emissions arising from the company’s operations.

HPH Ltd is a sector leading organisation offering a wide variety of business space to their clients in the form of office, retail, industrial and leisure properties, and has long focused on energy efficiency and carbon reduction. With a history of significant reductions in emissions and improvements in efficiency and waste reduction over a number of years, HPH remains committed to advancing improvements that are both practical and economic. 

While higher occupation densities and climatic differences have resulted an increase in the overall estate GHG emissions this year, HPH have continued to drive down emissions internally and CNI are keen to help develop this further, continuing to explore ways to reduce emissions in conjunction with offsetting the emissions that cannot be reduced.

CNI UK has provided HPH with carbon credits from a range of carefully selected VCS standard projects from around the world to ensure both the protection of the natural environment and the development renewable technologies around the world. Projects supported include the Cikel Brazilian Amazon Social Carbon REDD project, as well as the Turkish Koyulhisar hydropower project.

Edward Carlton, Director of CNI UK Limited, commented: “CNI UK is pleased to announce this partnership with HPH Commercial Property, helping them maintain carbon neutrality for another year. The commercial property market is a new sector for CNI UK and we hope that this new relationship with HPH not only signals positive movement within the industry, but also a new area of growth and involvement for CNI UK.”

Managing Director of HPH, Lindsay Holdoway, added, “Improving environmental performance has always been central to our philosophy, and over the years we have taken organisational measures to improve our sustainability credentials. Working with CNI UK allows us offset all carbon emissions across our organisation and property portfolio.”


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