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HPH brings summer to Kingsmead Square


HPH Commercial Property has brought summer to a popular dining and shopping quarter in Bath city centre.
The company, with support from the Kingsmead Traders’ Association, has installed flower baskets around Kingsmead Square where it has its headquarters.
The 64 hanging flower baskets have been put up in and around Kingsmead Square and outside a number of businesses in the area.
Lindsay Holdoway, managing director of HPH, said “We believe it is important that all areas of the city centre are attractive and welcoming to visitors and the people who work here.
“The council and Bath BID have in previous years provided hanging baskets for the Kingsmead Square area, however budget constraints have meant the area does not now receive support for the baskets.
“Last year HPH funded the entire display but this year we wanted to provide an even bigger and better display. The increase in costs for this service made the initiative too expensive for the independent traders who work tirelessly to make the area a success although it is hoped more funds can be raised for next year if this year proves a success.
“We at HPH were more than happy to step in and help meet the cost of the initiative because we know it will bring real benefits to neighbouring businesses, including a number of our own tenants.
“The new containers are reusable and will significantly reduce the costs in future years. They also retain water better which should see the display keep looking its best even in hot, dry weather.”
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